Dear {CLIENT},

In order to better organize our collaboration, I would like to introduce you our process for any requests:
Each time you want to lodge a request - which can be a bug, a modification, or a feature request - or if you just want to view the works in progress, you can do it via our hub platform at this URL: link)

I have created an account for you, so you don't need to register. You should have received an email from which contains your username and password.

This platform allows everyone to follow the jobs in progress, keep history and track changes, notifies everyone when necessary among many other useful features.
It will also contain all the documentation about the website.

Lodging a request is very fast and easy; Go to link), login, then click on 'Add case' (top right), put a title in the title field and your request in the body field and save. {COMPANY} will be instantly notified.

For your sleepless nights, you can read: link) and link) to know the best way to report a problem.

Kind regards,

Specifications process part

The {COMPANY} crew has been doing some initial scoping on how to realize {CLIENT} requirements.

We've now come up with some solutions and would like to start discussing them with you and working towards {CLIENT} sign off on these elements. In order to achieve this, we'll use the Case Tracker feature (the little 'To Do' box in the navigation bar) to have a discussion about each case.

We're going to upload some of the high priority requirements now, along with {COMPANY}'s initial thinking. Please respond with your thoughts, concerns, refinements and requests. Once we come to consensus, {COMPANY} can begin developing at full speed. You will receive email notifications of these new cases.

Please comment on this blog post if you have any questions about the process in general. Otherwise, please start digesting the new cases in the case tracker.

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