Hiring contractor

Places to go


  • Select contractor using the web platforms by contacting them directly and/or by publishing a project and letting them come to you.
  • Contact them by email using Contractor first contact email.
  • Use the Contractor management spreadsheet to enter contractor details, tab 'Trial contractors'.
  • Identify the potential candidates and test them with some questions in a live chat.
  • Get from contractor SSH public key.
  • Involve the successful contractors by creating an account in your communication development software and send them the Contractor welcome email.
  • Create a new access on the development server by yourself or by creating a new case in the Sysadmin case tracker.
  • If the trial is successful, sign the Contractor contract.
  • Whenever possible, try to work with a fixed quote.
  • Move the successful contractors to the 'Contractors' tab.
  • See Managing contractor.

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