New IT employee

Recruitment process

  • Advertise the position on websites.
  • Analyze the CV first by looking at keywords (CTRL+F keywords).
  • Collect the replies into a spreadsheet.
  • Prepare a nice rejection letter for unsuccessful candidates.
  • Invite the selected candidates for an interview.


Prepare some technical tests.


Introduce your company and explain the job position available. This allows the candidates to express how they would best fit the existing vacancy.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Describe the different steps of the interview.
  • Explain company profile.
  • Explain the duties and requirements of the vacant job position.
  • Let the candidates talk about themselves, and how they can answer your needs.
  • Check candidate knowledge.

Involving a new Employee

  • Put a task in bugtracker for system administrator to create email @ COMPANY.
  • Create different accounts where needed.
  • Join the "{COMPANY_NAME} internal" group on skype
  • Join
  • Create and share a google calendar
  • Share your Skype and Gtalk account
  • HR tasks (contract, bank account details)
  • Create bugtracker access (for dev)
  • Give SSH key to system administrator


Firstname Lastname
Position, COMPANY pty ltd
Office: + 00 (0) 00000000 ~ Mobile: + 00 (0) 000 000

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