First email to contractor



We are a XXX IT firm that delivers XXX based websites to clients. We are looking for one or more reliable developers to join our network of contractors.

  • Requirement

- Strong XXX experience
- Can do everything without modifying the core
- Must be able to use a bug tracker
- Excellent communication skills, good English
- Excellent attention to detail, especially documentation
- Able to quickly orient yourself to projects already underway
- Anywhere from 10 to 40 hours per week over the next month
- Ability to use a bug tracking system
- Must use a versioning tool

  • Some questions

- When will you be available?
- What is your QA process?
- How do you document a project?
- What's your website address?
- Do you have any references?
- How many are you?
- Where are you based?

We would like to set up a trial in order to establish a long term partnership.
We will give you an access to our bugtracker where you will find all you need to know about our processes, your trial tasks and the related project documentation.
For the trial period you will be paid at job completion. If we both decide to go further, then we will get you to sign our contract.
You will invoice us at the end of each month and be paid within 30 days.

Let me know if you need any more details and if you agree to such working process.

Kind regards,



We are a XXX IT firm that delivers XXX based websites to clients. We are looking for a sysadmin who:

  • has strong skills in: ability to document, Centos, bind9, follow process and use a bugtracker, SSH, Apache, user management, Syslog, Postfix, filesystem, log analyzing, TCP/IP protocol, english
  • Debian skilled,
  • knows how to maintain: PHP, MySQL, LDAP, Git, Gitosis, Subversion
  • understands business emergency, is able to answer promptly.

Our park is composed of XXX servers under XXX, for most of them they are XXX.

Your work will include:

  • server installations,
  • migration of servers & domains,
  • server updates and checks,
  • setting up client specific development environments,
  • backup,
  • creating and completing documentation.
  • ...

Let me know if you need more details.

Kind regards,

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