Backup policy

Backups are controlled by the host

Backup directorys

The backups are rdiff-backups located in /home/backup/HOSTNAME and /home/archive/HOSTNAME (for machines we no longer care about but who need to be archived just incase)

- Currently in /home/backup/HOSTNAME/ we keep a number of days of rdiff-backup:

  • /home (excluding /home/tmp /home/backup home/logs)
  • /etc
  • /root

Also copied over (just in their current state) are:

  • /home/logs

To see the last backup date for /home on all hosts:
ls -la /home/backup/*/*/.lastbackup

Use man rdiff-backup if you need to restore or look for a version at a specific date

The backup code

Cron runs the script /home/sysadmin/backup/ every night
That script lists all the hosts to backup.
- Each host has:

  • it's mysql dumped into /home/mysql
  • /home, /etc, /root are all then rdiff-backup'ed over to backup
  • /home/logs is copied over too

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