This step is probably one of the most important as it will be a decisive factor for the continuation of your project for both the client and you.

The clearer your specification are the less you will:
- get some client modifications,
- spend time on out of scope refinements that client is asking for,
- answer developer questions,
- correct developer interpretation mistakes.

One meeting with account manager and project manager should be organized to define the guidelines. Then account manager and project manager can work together on a first text specification draft through a collaborative platform (ex: Google Docs).
Then project manager and account manager build a wireframe and a text document (which references the wireframe) going back and forth to the client.

Use a case tracker to get client sign-off to the specifications

Using a case tracker can be useful during this process as it allows:

  • A collaborative work (every stakeholder can be notified and comment to the cases),
  • Client to sign-off to the specifications by them changing the status of the case to 'Resolved' when a solution is found,
  • Prioritize answers that you need in prior.

According to your first client meeting or with the first specification draft from client, identify and break down the different parts of your specifications and create a case for each of them by firstly reformulate the initial demand and then precise the demand. You should include your wireframe as well.

Involve the client in your CRM with this email and put the client documentation inside.
Conduct workshops and/or interviews with clients to get the requirements for specifications gathering
Fill the specifications template document
If needed, involve web designer and client
For CMS system, identify roles and permissions with permissions template
Create a live chatroom for client communication

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