Chase bugs

Of course, get a website bug free will be a miracle.

  • Run the unit test if they are.
  • Use Website QA checklist to check website features. If too many refinements you may not want to create a case for each of them and use the issue sheet in the Website QA checklist document. This document should live in a shared platform like Google Docs.

Check scope

  • Review the specifications and check step by step that everything has been done.

Push the project in production

  • Get client to sign-off on the UAT
  • Check production environment, report UAT configuration to production, install needed modules
  • Freeze the development and database changes
  • Migrate the website
  • Get client to sign-off to production with a meeting

Until advanced development stage, client should not enter production data in the website as it will be difficult to proceed to an eventual change.

Provide deliverable

  • Technical documentation (to facilitate further developments)
  • User documentation
  • Training
  • website source code

Analyze your success & failure

At each project end, you should analyze the good in your process and especially the failure and figured out how to fix them.

Check bugs and scope with Website QA checklist
Get the client sign-off on UAT
Push project in production
Deliver the deliverable
Send closing project email template to client
Thanks your project team!

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