You should keep a record of all of your quote and client communication and use your CRM to remind you to chase up the clients. Your quote need to include at least, how, when (remember the promise less, give more) and what will be the deliverable.

You may also want to insist on the fact that client will have to work on the project as well by giving feedback, explain or precise things. And so the success for delivering on time will depend on them as well. Your contract should include a maximum response time to your request and a deadline for the project completion (like going in production when website is ready). It can be annoying to keep a project running for ages because of the client.

Project manager gets all the quotes from his team and estimates his time.
Arrange meeting between PM and account manager to fill the project budget.
Send the quote to the client with quote template.
Send the contract to the client with contract template.
Chase up client with Quote reminder template letter.

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